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Also ...

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Get Some In!


Interested in games and sport? Looking for a venue?

This website is dedicated to all types of pursuit. Something to test your mind, body, or just follow with interest?

We start with a few suggestions and ideas and tell you where to find them - either online in your neighbourhood.

Our own websites include the game of chess, football news and predictions, and racing of various descriptions.

More will follow!

It's time to 'do your thing'!

Find Some Action!


How much do you know about anything?

Socrates once said something like this: "I know that I know nothing." Wikipedia says: "... is a saying derived from Plato's account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. It is also called the Socratic paradox. The phrase is not one that Socrates himself is ever recorded as saying." So who knows?

Knowledge can be either a good or bad thing - depending upon what you learn. Of course, even our own eyes can trick us sometimes.

There is nothing in this world we can ever know with 100% certainty because any argument can be taken to the point of infinity.

So who do we give credence to when told about something? And what if those who try to educate us are just repeating well-established fallacies?

We have to plot our way through life on what we learn. We know enough to survive. We know of mundane issues which are usually non-political.

But anything that is of any political significance? This is when we are deceived - even by those with power, position or authority. This is a fact of life.

Half Know?


Something funny is going on. Maybe?

This website is dedicated to humour, fake stories (or are they fake?), memes, etc.

Why publish this sort of stuff? Well, life is too short to be too serious about absolutely everything.

Some of our political content also makes people think about the world around them.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, the establishment in general - nobody is safe here!

OK. Time to loosen up and (hopefully) enjoy at least some of our offerings.

PS. 'Gawful'? 'Google' it!